Document Imaging & Management System is a registered trademark software product of NETSPIDER. Many organizations are implementing various e-Governance projects, back log digitisation and scanning projects. These projects include various type documents which are legacy records, manual & handwritten records etc. These documents size could be of A0 to A5, Legal & other odd sizes. Being physical papers, the condition of the above said records is normally deteriorated in course of regular operations and time. Hence, for the long-term preservation for efficient retrieval, a good DMS system is required in which case NETSPIDER offers DIMS. The beauty of DIMS is that it can integrate with Enterprise content Management System as well as Legacy DMS through push and or pull API. There would be some Indian Government departments using the eoffice from NIC. Again the DIMS can integrate with the public APIs provided by NIC for e-office. It also maintains the legal validity and security for long term archiving of the files stored. Some of the prestigious clients using our DIMS are NICSI, MCGM, DG Shipping, Seafarers' Welfare Fund Society.

ii). Form and Template Designing:

e-NETSPIDER has designed many Fixed forms and templates for different verticals such as banking, finance & insurance, education, etc. Forms like bank customers' Account opening Forms, State survey forms, membership forms, exam answer sheets, grade sheets etc. Which is important in collecting all the relevant information using ICR Technology.

iii) Census and Forms Processing

Forms processing is a process whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form: entered data are "captured" form their respective fields; forms themselves are digitized and saved as images. In most cases, forms processing is considered complete when the data from the forms have been captured, verified and saved into a database. It is also essential that the integrity of the captured data be preserved. So at e-NETSPIDER, we use ICR/OCR/OMR form processing services, wherein the forms will be designed and after getting them filled from the Citizens/ Enumerators, scanning them and extracting all the data from the forms using automated software.

Govt of Orissa selected e-NETSPIDER INDIA for its Child Tracking System ‘e-shishu’ program by Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) which received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the year 2006-2007. Total documents scanned & extracted: 75,00,000 and data extracted from 88 fields of the OPEPA forms in 35 days.

iv) Scanning and Digitisation Services:

1. Manuscripts Scanning:

A manuscript is a handwritten composition on paper, bark, cloth, metal, palm leaf or any other material dating back at least 75 years that has significant scientific, historical or aesthetic value. Lithographs and printed volumes are not manuscripts. Manuscripts are found in hundreds of different languages and scripts. Often, one language is written in several different scripts. For example, Sanskrit is written in Oriya script, Grantha script, Devanagari script and many other scripts.

We understand that the manuscripts need to be handled with extra care because of their brittle and delicate nature. So, we at e-NETSPIDER INDIA handle the manuscripts in the following ways:

  • Our scanning operators clean their hands with soap and dry them completely before handling the manuscripts.
  • They also use gloves to avoid touching the text with fingers or any other materials
  • In case of a bound manuscript pages are slowly turned gently from the middle of the edge
  • Care is taken to not touch the illuminations/illustrations and printed area of the manuscripts
  • We also do not use rubber bands, paper clips, other fasteners, self-adhesive tape and glue on the manuscript pages

2. Rare book scanning:

A Rare book is any book that is hard to find due to its early printing date, limited issue, special character of an edition or binding or its historical interest. M/s e-NETSPIDER has had the opportunity to scan such Rare books for its Indian Government Clients.

3. Office files and Upload to NIC -eoffice:

Working in a paper-based office means that much time and space is spent dealing with physical paperwork. There are many challenges that come with maintaining a paper-based office, that may be well hidden or incorporated into the everyday culture of the office space. Consider the following operational issues:

  • Lost time due to manual routing of physical documents from department to department.
  • Errors caused by the manual entry of data from paper documents.
  • Inefficient document review and/or approval processes.
  • No formal policy or process for routing important documents as they come in.

At NETSPIDER, we helped many government offices to scan and digitize office files and storing them digitally in NIC's eoffice and a few of such clients are Department of Food and Public Distribution, TCIL

4. Office file Scan and Upload to Omni Dox / Other DMS:

Many organizations have their own Document Management System or Omni Dox or some Record Management System. In such situations e-NETSPIDER scans all the office files and directly uploads it to either Omni Dox/Other DMS or RMS.

5. Allottee file scan:

An allottee file contains documents such as Allotment letter, loan Clearance Certificate/NOC for EMD, KYC of allottee.

6. Service Book Scanning & NIC's HRMS Upload:

Service Book is a document to record all the events of a Government employee in his/her entire service period career recording each and every administrative action concerning the Government employee right from the stage of their recruitment till their retirement to reflect their history of service. M/s e-NETSPIDER has scanned such service books of Naval Dockyard, Delhi sachivalya and have uploaded the same in the DMS and NIC's HRMS

7. Pension Payment Order Digitisation & DMS Upload

Pension Payment Order or PPO number is a unique numerical number that helps pensioners receive their pension. It is an important number for pensioners or those individuals who are on the verge of retirement. Such PPO files of PCDA Navy, Army and Air Force have been scanned, digitized and uploaded on DMS for easy retrieval.

8. Pension Disbursement Files Scanning & Data Extraction:

Pension is sanctioned to approximately one lac retirees each year by three Pension Sanctioning Authorities of the Department and is disbursed monthly to approximately 23.5 Lacs pensioners out of which nearly 5 Lacs receive their pension through 61 Defence Pension Disbursement Offices (DPDOs) spread across the country. One of such pension disbursement office files have been digitised by e-NETSPIDER for DPDOs, Ministry of Defence.

9. Fund Ledger Files Digitisation & DMS Upload:

A Fund Ledger File contains the subscription and withdrawal details of a subscriber. M/s e-NETSPIDER has scanned and digitized such Fund Ledger files of PCDA Meerut, PCDA New Delhi 1 & 2 , PCDA Navy. These Fund Leger Files are in office files as well as binders format. Similar project was done for Delhi GPF office at Vikas Bhawan.

10. Land Records Scanning and Digitisation & DMS Upload:

The first thing that would cross one's mind about the land records, are those huge heaps and piles of papers stacked one above the other in a record room which has barely any place left to walk. If this is what you visualize, then bang on, you are absolutely correct. This is one of the problems in maintaining land records. Other problems faced are:

  • Land Registry fraud
  • Lack of land ownership title verification and investigation system
  • Lack of uniformity and poor maintenance of land records
  • Fear of destruction of records by Force Majeure events

At e-NETSPIDER, we scan and digitize the land records and the same is indexed and uploaded to DMS to curb all the problems mentioned above. Similar project was done for Revenue Department, Delhi, GNTCD.

11. Scanning of Tabulation Register for Universities:

A tabulation register contains the examination results or grades of all students. Apart from the grades, it also contains details of students. Tabulation Registers are large in size than the regular registers. They are normally an A2 size. M/s e-NETSPIDER has had the opportunity to scan Tabulation Registers of the Controller of Examination Office of Banaras Hindu University, HP University.

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