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Going from paper to a paperless office is what we at e-NETSPIDER try to achieve. e-NETSPIDER INDIA is a digital transformation company enabling government organizations to succeed in their digitisation initiatives. The aim of the company is to move the heaps of paper lying in attics to retrievable information for informed decision making. To simply put it, e-NETSPIDER INDIA caters to all digitization needs of any organization.

e-NETSPIDER INDIA takes various projects which are either of large scale or technically complicated and delivers them within the defined timelines of clients, thus clearing the backlog and bringing clients online with their business. The projects are done both onsite and offsite.

We have executed Child Tracking System by Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) which has received the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in Public Administration for the year 2006-2007.

History & Journey:

In 1999, our founder and Managing Partner Mr. Samir Dhingra thought about this business idea while writing thesis for his Ph. D, when a thick book having 1238 page 'FDI in India' was to converted to editable format.

In 2002, RBI approached M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA for converting 5000 pages of the RBI's replies to Parliament using OCR and hyperlinking.

The major breakthrough was in 2005 when the Govt of Orissa selected e-NETSPIDER INDIA for its Child Tracking System ‘e-shishu’ program by Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) which received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the year 2006-2007.

In 2007, the Ministry of Defence awarded e-NETSPIDER with a huge digitization project related to scanning and data capture for its software development projects under Government of India's Mission Excel IT(MEIT) program. It required handing about 20 crore documents for Pension sanction, provident fund and pension disbursement across India.

Post 2007, a number of clients including the Controller General of Accounts, the government of Jharkhand, and Sahara India have all engaged M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA to digitize their documents using a transaction-based model.

In 2008 the Jharkhand child census project was awarded by the state government, since M/s e-NETSPIDER's earned reputation after the Orissa Child Census project.

2010, more digitization projects like Bihar Land Records, UNICEF, Ministry of Minority Affairs and Directorate of Literacy and Continuing Education were bagged by NETSPIDER INDIA.

From year 2012 onwards, there has been a rain of projects from NICSI, various ministries, cantonment boards, Defence, State government, District projects, etc are successfully executed by M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA.

In 2014, NETSPIDER INDIA bagged the biggest digitization project for Municipal Corporations, it involved scanning 80 crore pages across the length and breadth of Mumbai for Municipal Corporation for Greater Mumbai.

2016 had been another good year wherein the prestigious project of Banaras Hindu University in the educational vertical was awarded to M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA. During this year M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA successfully executed mix of other projects as well like Thane Municipal Corporation, BEST, MSRDC, Delhi State Cancer Institute, etc.

In 2018, NETSPIDER received a second order from Banaras Hindu University for scanning and digitization.

2019 saw more projects flooding in, mainly Delhi Land Records, where the scanning and digitization across all districts of New Delhi state was to be done with in the time frame of six months.

2020, National Mission for Manuscripts, having inspected the existing Overhead Book Scanner Infrastructure including USA manufactured Indus make Scanners scans at 400 dpi optical resolution, extended the empanelment of M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA to scan and digitisation Manuscripts across various states of india

History & Journey:

1. Samir Dhingra (Partner)
2. Samruddhi Dhingra(Partner)

Infrastructure & Execution Capability:

Executing a project successfully not only requires good skill sets but also the right combination of equipment software and unique technology mix.

Post completion of our first project which got Prime Minister’s award in Public Excellence, M/s e-NETSPIDER started to invest heavily in to equipment of various types and sizes.

From the import of our first 200 PPM/ 400 images per minute scanning machine in March, 2006 till the latest A0 Size Flatbed & Hybrid (Microfilm & Image Scanning) scanner in 2012, the technology implemented in action during project execution of various projects is simply marvellous.

Due to this heavy investment in technology, e-NETSPIDER INDIA has the privilege of executing many large scale projects for Government of India, which other competing scanning companies find it difficult to dream.

A few of the equipment used in various Indian Government Project are detailed below:

A. A3 Size - Ultra-Fast Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners deployed in various Govt Projects 

Scan Optics SO Series Scanner (200 Pages Per Minute / 400 Images Per Minute) was imported from USA  was primarily imported for Ministry of Defence project in year 2006 where  the documents were old  & fragile ranging from year 1857.VideoPhotosBrochure
Microform S 61  (240 Pages Per Minute / 480 Images Per Minute) and Microform S 655 (165 Pages Per Minute / 320 Images Per Minute) were imported from Germany for the State census projects in 2010.         VideoPhotosBrochure
In 2012,  Xino high speed color  scanner having 220 Pages Per Minute / 440 Images Per Minute was introduced by Microform Germany, e-NETSPIDER was the first one to implement this device in Defence Estate offices and NICSI's record room digitisation Project.VideoPhotosBrochure

OneDrive\_VD WorkShop\1 Project -1 A and B Events\Project Wise Photos and Videos_Raw\3 Stage 3 Scanning Digitisatin\3A Scanning +  OneDrive\2021_Website

B. A0+ Size - Flat Bed and Hybrid Scanners by ProServ, Germany

Ministry of Defence's  Archival and Research Unit had been entrusted the task of scanning and archiving Maps of important establishments like Taj Mahal, Agra; Chandini chownk and Red Fort, New Delhi etc. There was a need to scan A0+ size maps and microfilm these documents.  In 2012, M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA immediately did the testing and imported the then latest technology and implemented it in various Defence Estate offices, Railways and Mahrashtra archives and scanned the maps at 600 DPI optical. ProServ Hybrid A0+ device is also capable of doing color microfilming of maps.3_VideoPhotosBrochure

C. A1 & A2 Size - Overhead Book Scanners

Mahrashtra Archives was looking at a good quality fast scanning of its war diaries and maps in Mumbai in 2012. M/s e-NETSPIDER evaluated various options and implemented I2s (France) Supra Scan A1 , I2s (France) Copibook RGB A2 and I2s (France) Copibook ONYX A2  along with ProServ A0 Hybrid.VideoPhotosX
2016 onwards, the requirement for scanning bound documents in offices and libraries increased and                     e-NETSPIDER INDIA added Indus RS Scanner (A2 Size) which was Elar Scanner Version 1 and later in 2019 the Elar 600 (A2 Size) was imported to cater to the demand of Indian Navy, Delhi Land Record and many other clients needed officer bound documents scanning including National Rail Museum.VideoPhotosBrochure

During 2019, National Mission for Manuscripts, IGNCA, New Delhi was looking for a 400 DPI optical scanning for manuscripts located in various parts of india. M/s e-NETSPIDER added Indus 9000 A2 size  and Indus (USA) 5005 Max A1 to its armoury.

The older units of Bookeye(Germany) A1 were discarded in lieu of Indus 5005 Max as they lacked 400 DPI optical resolution.


D. Roller based Map & Newspaper Scanners

In 2006 Tam media awarded the project for Newspaper scanning and Media Monitoring and later CIRRUS media expressed the same requirement; M/s e-NETSPIDER bought one unit of widecom and imported Widetek(Germany) 36 inches, Widecom 48 Inches, Contex IQ Scanner and GRAPHTEC CSX 550 roller based scanner. VideoPhotos 

E. Special Purpose Scanners

Photo Negatives and Positive Film/ SlidesFor Scanning the photograph Negative, M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA imported the special purpose scanners from Microtek, Taiwan. PhotosBrochure
OMR ScannerFor catering to the requirement of various educational clients, M/s e-NETSPIDER india added Scantron (USA) Insight 4ES and Scantron (USA) OPSCAN 600  multiple units. Prior to scanners, ABBYY Form Reader and ABBYY Flexi Capture was being used for OMR Forms Processing. These scanners were a technically superior substitute for OMR Forms Processing PhotosBrochure

F. A3 Size - Flatbed scanners & Overhead Scanners

Multiple units of Avision A3 Size Flat Bed scanners &  Mustek 600 A3 Size Flat Bed Scanner were installed to scan the old and fragile documents of Pune and Kolhapur archives in 2013.PhotosBrochure 
I2s (France) e-scan A3 was implemented in Bihar Land Record project which was later on replaced with superior image quality scanner indigenously developed using canon camera.PhotosBrochure 
In 2020, the Document Camera scanner from  VIISAN (Taiwan), JinXiang (China)  & I ball (China) were tested and finally  VIISAN 18 and 21 mega pixel scanners were implemented in Goa Archives, National Rail Museum, Trichy and multiple locations in Mahrashtra.   


G. Legal Size with Flatbed A4 Size

A container full of Canon 1210c scanner was imported to cater to fast growing need for scanning the documents for different market verticals. Photos Brochure  

H. General Purpose Document Scanners -

To execute multiple projects M/s e-NETSPIDER imported from IRIS and Pericom Singapore as well as locally purchased from Canon India, Fujitsu, Kodak India following general purpose scanners

I. 70 to 100 Pages Per Minute

  1. Canon DR 7080
  2. Canon DR 7580
  3. Canon DR 9080
  4. Canon DR 9550
  5. Kodak i1440
  6. Kodak i1420
  7. Zoo Moon (Korea) – 80 Pages Per Minute / 160 Images Per Minute

J. 50 to 60 Pages Per Minute

  1. Canon DR 5010c
  2. Canon DR 5080c
  3. Canon DR 6010
  4. Canon DR 6080 

K. 20 to 40 Pages Per Minutes Scanner

  1. Avision AV 220c
  2. Canon DR 2010c
  3. Canon DR 2080c
  4. Canon DR 2050c
  5. Canon DR 2580c
  6. Canon DR 3080c II
  7. Canon DR 3010c
  8. Canon DR 4010
  9. Fujitsu fi 4120

L. 15 Pages Per Minutes Scanner

  1. IRIS (Belgium) Office Pro

B. Software

Good scanner and right software always goes hand in hand towards the successful execution of any government digitisation project. M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA invested in software licenses and sailed through lot of manual work with ease and cost effectiveness whereas the competition was still struggling with manual work.

  1. PDF Compression
#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.IRIS, BelgiumIRIS Compressor Pro Enterprise Site LicenseIt converts any image or PDF into searchable & highly compressed PDF

  B. Fast Scanning and Image Processing Software

#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.IRIS, BelgiumIRIS Power ScanIt captures, sort, index and export documents as fully searchable files, eliminating errors. Excellent for Document sorting, Segregation and Separation based on multiple factors including QR code and Bar Codes.
2.Janich and Klass, GermanyDPU ScanIt scans, carries out image processing and does OCR, barcode and patch code reading at a very fast pace.
3.Kodak, IndiaKodak Capture ProIt scans and quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images.
4Pericom, SingaporeCanon Capture perfect software SDKIt is an ISIS compatible software development kit that enabled us to capture images from the document scanner. This was later customised for several projects.
6 Microform Microform software DPU Scan OEM VersionIt is a very powerful scan program. It can comfortably deal with complete batches at full scanner speeds in all three modes simultaneously.
7MicroformMicroform Xino captureIt scans, processes and stores bitonal, grayscale and colour images, all at the same time with our Xino Scanner at 210 Pages Per Minute.
  C. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition Software)
#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.NevitechTele Form Desktop Version

TeleForm is a forms processing application originally developed by Cardiff Software, but now owned by the company OpenText. 

It automatically  captures, classifies and extracts information from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technology. This was implemented for Forms Processing in Education Sector.

2.ABBYY, MoscowABBYY Flexi Capture ABBYY FlexiCapture is an Intelligent Document Processing platform implemented in various BPOs, Census and Educational Projects in India for M/s e-NETSPIDER INDIA 
3.IRIS, BelgiumICP For FormsIt enables enterprises, colleges, universities, government and municipalities to automate their form processing and was used in the forms processing Solution for LIC of India an Insurance Company.


D. OCR (Optical Character Recognition Software)
#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.NuanceNuance Omni Page pro 17

This OCR application successfully convert a variety of documents ranging from simple, one-column formats to complex, magazine-style pages--into editable text and PDF files.

This was used as Pass 1 for our Data Entry Process

2.IRIS, BelgiumReadIRIS Pro and Corporate Editions 14 

It is the fastest professional OCR converts all images into indexed and editable files and provides multiple users with document recognition services along with compressed PDFs.

This was used as Pass 1 for our Data Entry Process along with giving providing color compressed PDFs to clients from Ministry of Defence.

3.ABBYY, Moscow

ABBYY FineReader 11 Professional Edition & Corporate edition


It is an ideal OCR software application for collaborative work across a corporate network. It creates editable, searchable files and e-books from scans, PDFs and digital photographs.

This was used as Pass 1 for our Data Entry Process.

4.KanjiKanji OCRIt is an OCR software application for Japanese language recognition and was used for specific projects of BARC, Mumbai.


E. OMR (Optical Mark recognition Software)

sManufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.ScantronRemark OfficeIt is an OMR scanning software which provides an easy interface for OMR scanning and then analysing tests or surveys. Data and reports are flexible and compatible with most other analysis applications. This was used for multiple projects of educational testing.

  F. DMS(Document Management System)

#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.LIB-IT, GermanyFileroThis is a DMS, completely a web-based system and it can be easily adapted to the processes and IT environments. Initially implemented in our accounts department for search and retrieval and later in one of the leading corporations.

  G. Bar Code Font 

#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
1.ID AutomationCode 128It is a software which uses special fonts package to start printing Code 128 bar codes. This was used for generating Prefilled Inventorisation Forms for MCGM Project.

  H. Miscellaneous Software acquired  for various Project Implementations and Internal Usage of Operations Department

#Manufacturer/ SupplierName of SoftwareDescription
 ABBYY  ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0This is a PDF conversion and creation application. This was used in scall low budget digitisation projects having low budgets. 
 ABBYYABBYY fine redder engine 

The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine allows software developers to create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images or displays. 

The Barcode based separation of Images project were implemented using ABBYY Engine and Unlimited bar code run time. Later this customised project were abandoned as DPU Scan was added and it has far superior segregation capabilities.

 AdobeAdobe Acrobat X Professional Windows DVDIt is used to change many kinds of files into PDF documents and bulk processing on the Files generated post scanning process.
 Dolphin ComputerUK Supernova professionalsIt is a magnifier and screen reader, delivering unparalleled access to Windows. 
 i2sI2s Book Restorer This software is a user-friendly program entirely dedicated to digitised documents. It is the ideal resource for the comprehensive consultation, restoration, storage and portation of written works
 Software ExchangeAdobe Photoshop It can edit and compose raster images in multiple layers and supports masks, alpha compositing and several colour models including RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot colour and duotone. This was used in operations department for color image processing projects in batch mode.
 Software ExchangeAdobe Photoshop Elements It is designed for users who require fewer features and not as many complex options as Photoshop. This was also used in Color Image Processing Projects of Manuscripts scanning.
 Software ExchangeAdobe IllustratorIt captures creative vision with shapes, colour, effects, and typography.
 Software ExchangeAdobe PageMakerWe can design e-books, brochures, hand bills, visiting cards and other printing works. After designing in Adobe Pagemaker, you can take print in printing press. We had been using it for printing the list of PDFs, Images on CD covers, File covers etc for various projects.
 Software ExchangeAdobe Acrobat 7.0It is used to change many kinds of files into PDF documents and bulk processing on the Files generated post scanning process.
 Software Exchange

Adobe Creative Suite


It is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.
 Software ExchangeAdobe Frame MakerUsed it for authoring and publishing multilingual technical content across mobile, web, desktop, and print.
 Software ExchangeAdobe After effectAdobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application for training video creations for client's internal usages and giving effects
 Software ExchangeAdobe In Design Is was used to create e-books for some of the projects.
 Systran SoftwareComputer software This software provides advanced and secure translation solutions in various areas as was used in executing some projects of BARC along with OCR.
 User GateFirewallHigh-performance traffic processing, multi-tier security, granular user-level policies, and transparent utilization of Internet connections and was used on project sites.
 V comSystem CommanderIt is a multiple OS management and partitioning. It easily adds and removes OS and was used by us at client site for Desktop OS Management and security reasons.
 Quantitative Micro SoftwareEview 5 single user QMS software solutions provide academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students with an easy-to-use object-oriented interface to powerful statistical, forecasting and modelling tools. It was used for projects from Financial Sector.

C. Document Preparation & Post Scan Document Preparation Equipment

a. Stapling Machine

This machine was acquired during the Sahara Project as an alternative solution to physical biding of the loose chit fund forms and save time during Production Process.VideoPhoto 

b. A3 size Paper cutters

This machine was acquired and used in Armed Forces Project for cutting the binders from spine and giving the cut a fine shape for rebinding. Later it was replaced with a three side cutter. VideoPhoto 


D. Digitization Management Platform

It is a platform to run all our scanning and digitisation projects of any size and magnitude. This has broadly Four stages.

  1. Stage 1: The stepping stones to begin any digitization project. No project can be initiated without the issuance and acceptance of work order between the client and the service provider. To commence a project smoothly, the entire project plan needs to be put on place along with defining the SOPs. Additionally to initiate the work basic infrastructure needs to be set up from the client side like office space or halls for scanning activity, chairs and tables for operators to work on, electricity, plug points and sockets for connecting the machines and equipment of SP, water and sanitation for operators, etc. Imparting training to client/departments on filling up inventorization forms is what service provider has to cover. Based on these forms the generation of bar codes / QR codes for these departments/sections is carried out.
  2. Stage 2:It is very important that the documents are prepared in a way that they are not mixed up or misplaced before they are sent over for scanning. The readiness of the department in terms of records or documents collection is carried out in way wherein the filled bar code generated forms are matched with the documents/records to be scanned. After preparing these documents, they are handed over for scanning. The operators in turn take extra efforts in repairing documents which are in very bad condition or documents which need to be unbound or un-spiraled. 
  3. Stage 3 A: Physical records are of different types and paper size. Based on these paper attributes, appropriate scanners are used to scan these documents. These would include Overhead Book Scanners, Map scanners, flat-bed scanners, ADF scanners, card scanners, etc. Once these documents are scanned, they go through a strict quality check and image enhancement.
  4. Stage 3 B: Quality check determines the acceptance and rejection of scanned images. If the scanned images pass the quality check then enter the next step of data entry. The rejected images are re-scanned and are put through QC again. Passed scanned images enter the meta data-entry step where data entry of key fields is carried out. 
  5. Stage 4: The documents which were opened and prepared for stage 3A i.e., Scanning are bound and returned back to the client. 
  6. Stage 5: Search and Retrieval Software - They physical location of document, meta data and scanned images along with the raw images are uploaded to the Search and Retrieval Software. This modules has features like Fuzzy search, point search, metadata search and condition based search.

E. Coffee Book | Brochure | White Paper | Process Document:

Coffee book link: "C:\Users\EILEEN\OneDrive\About Us\12_Client Profile  White Paper Process Dox\CLIENT PROFILE.pdf" 

General brochure of company: "C:\Users\EILEEN\OneDrive\About Us\1_Brochure\e-NETSPIDER brochure.pdf" 

Scanning Service Brochure: "C:\Users\EILEEN\OneDrive\About Us\1_Brochure\Scanning Service.pdf" 

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